Bridal Shower Articles

Organizing a Bridal Shower - guests, games, food, invitations, venue etc - can sometimes be a daunting task. We’re writing a series of articles designed to help you through the planning and hosting process, so that it can be an enjoyable occasion for all envolved!

Ten Tips For Throwing a Bridal Shower

Planning and organising your bridal shower can be a daunting prospect. Whether the Bride-To-Be chooses to do it, or more commonly the Maid of Honour, it's essential to to bare in... Read more...

What is a bridal shower?

For anyone who has never been to a bridal or wedding shower, there is always the question: "What is a Bridal Shower?". Here's your low-down on what to expect... A bridal... Read more...

Tips on Organizing a Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower can be loads of fun - especially if you incorporate a game or two to add to the proceedings. We've got loads of experience throwing bridal showers for girl... Read more...


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