Tips on Organizing a Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower can be loads of fun - especially if you incorporate a game or two to add to the proceedings. We've got loads of experience throwing bridal showers for girl friends, so we've compiled a list below that we hope you will find helpful.

  • Create a playlist of music that is upbeat but not intrusive. The idea here is to set the mood.
  • For game prizes, consider giving whimsical and inexpensive prizes, rather than expensive items that might cause jealousy towards the winner. We've found that simple beauty accesories work well - or even just a shot of sambuca!
  • These days bridal showers are becoming more elaborate and themed. The themes range from something simple like a garden shower or are as elaborate as a formal dinner party with a wine tasting theme. We suggest keeping it simple as it will save you time and money!
  • Traditionally the maid of honour plans the shower party, but these days anyone organises it. Its best if atleast 2 people organise the party.
  • Location is key to a great party. Rather than host it in a public place such as a restaurant or bar, it helps to host it at a friends home and/or garden - bigger the better!
  • Hold the Shower about 6 weeks before the wedding - the bride will have a lot on her mind in the 4 - 6 weeks leading up to the Big Day!
  • Invite around 10 - 20 people. Any more than that and people tend to split off into their own groups. Make sure the relatives, friends and colleagues are all equally spaced in the seating arrangements so everyone gets to socialise more.
  • We've found that themed showers work best. The most popular them is 'kitchen', because there are lots of kitchen-based gadgets that guests can buy for the Bride. Us ladies all like our kitchen gadgets! Other themes work equally well such as wine tasting, chocolate, naughty, fitness etc...
  • Its worth putting on a good spread of food, although the evening should be about the bride and having a good time. A finger buffet works well, items such as mini-quiches, salsa dips and salads. Dont serve anything that could easily be spilt down a guest's expensive dress or that stains easily.
  • Everyone should be involved in the games. The more people who play, the more fun it is! Have a look at the games we offer and select the ones that appeal to you. If you don't know which to choose, then consider buying one of our Game Packs. These Packs are games we've compiled that we feel work best together.

Bridal Showers are meant to be fun. They do need a lot of planning and organization in advance, but they are well worth the effort. The bride and groom receive practical gifts for their home, and all the guests have a great time socializing and playing games. It also give the friends and family a chance to meet each other before the wedding, so that at the wedding reception everyone already knows each other!

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