What is a bridal shower?

For anyone who has never been to a bridal or wedding shower, there is always the question: "What is a Bridal Shower?". Here's your low-down on what to expect...

A bridal shower is a party held to celebrate that the bride-to-be is going to be married. The key element of the party is giving gifts to the bride. The gifts have traditionally been less about useful things for the marital home (these are usually the actual wedding gifts), and more about giving the bride things that will help towards actually getting married and the honeymoon, although these days anything that is fun or useful and relates to the wedding or married life will be appreciated.

The party is usually arranged by either the bride's family or by close friends of the Bride (often the Maid of Honor and Bride's Maids) and held in the bride's home or at a nearby venue. Depending on the traditions in your area, the Bridal Shower can be either a small intimate event for close friends, or a much larger occasion with many guests invited.

There is likely to be a certain amount of food and drink provided and various party games with the aim of making it a relaxed and fun occasion for the Bride and guests. As most Bridal Showers have only female guests is a good chance to indulge in some girls-only activities!


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