How Well Do You Know The Groom?

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How Well Do You Know The Groom? shower game
How Well Do You Know The Groom? gamesheets

This has to be one of our funniest games to play!

Before the Bridal Shower, you'll need to get the groom to answer a series of questions about himself and his interests (included with the game). At the Shower, the Bride should be put in the 'hot seat' and the guests will ask her the same questions about the Groom. For every question she gets wrong their should be some kind of forfeit (we suggest she should chew an extra piece of gum for each wrong answer) to add to the fun.

This will really test how well she knows her future husband! The winner is whichever guest comes closest to guessing how many correct answes the Bride will give.


Time to play: 20 minutes

Winners: 1

Number of players: Unlimited

Additional things required: Things to use for forfeits (a pack of gum, or shots of liquor?)

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